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Motorcycle Bag Specialist

YEHAN INDUSTRY has been a long-term supplier of various motorcycle bags to Japanese and European markets, including those fitted to Harley Davidson motorcycles since 2000, and has been recognized for its technological prowess overseas by producing high quality products.

Motorbike bags are difficult to build, and if you don't understand the characteristics of the product, it's difficult to develop a product that fits the bike. Without know-how on bags, production itself is a very difficult item, so only a few companies produce motorcycle bags. Since its establishment in 2000, YEHAN INDUSTRY has been the main product of motorcycle bags and produced products with a high degree of completion based on a long period of experience and knowledge.

The buyers who saw the products of YEHAN INDUSTRY Co. were surprised to find that they were not samples but produced. For a long time, it has grown into a trusted and orderable company, producing high quality products that have been recognized by motorcycle bag companies in Japan and Europe and customers.

Optimized features and designs for motorbike bags!
Complete quality control and reasonable price!

Through continuous feedback, YEHAN INDUSTRY will develop and produce a variety of new products that customers need.

Please give us a lot of attention and cooperation.